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At AmA Hospitality & Development

We're proud of our outstanding customer service values.  Customer service is what differentiates AmA Hospitality & Development from our competitors.

Our employees are the heart of our service. Our appreciation and respect for their hard work is genuine and never-ending and we do everything we can to recognize their accomplishments.

We are committed to maintaining constant communication with our clients and employees. Our approach to customer service also offers direct company involvement.

AmA Hospitality & Development is constantly willing to adapt to our clients’ recruiting hiring protocol as requested. As the new staffing agency in Central Florida, we have a proven success in staffing and adapting to our clients needs, serve you pre-qualified candidates with direct communication and involvement, staffing cost reduction and top-notch customer service attitude. Our priority as a top-tier employment agency is to always go the extra mile for our customers and employees, and to provide an exceptional personalized service.

Our commitment to providing the best possible service in staffing is achieved by outworking our competitors. We work harder than other services because taking care of our customer is what we like to do best.




Central Florida,
Orlando Area


(407) 801-8AmA (8262)
(407) 801-9AmA (9262)

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